CDF’s Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated CDF’s 29th birthday. I took the day off and we went down to Orton Plantation. We spent at least half of the day there and ate a picnic lunch. Then we went shopping on the way back and finally made our way home.

My plans for the day were to cook all the meals, give CDF her presents, go on a day trip, and generally give her the day off. I also helped MDF make her a card and in the afternoon we baked a Red Velvet cake together.

We left for Orton around 10:30 or so. I packed a picnic and we planned on spending most of the day down there. It was the first time either of us had been there, so we didn’t know what all there was to see. We certainly didn’t expect alligators and snakes (though I guess we should have).


Camillias in Bloom

The garden was very pretty, and besides a few scary encounters with wildlife, we really enjoyed our walk around the plantation grounds. The late azaleas were still blooming and there were camellias, old bush roses, and other flowers too.


Bench at the Cyprus

The visitors guide said the walk around the garden usually took about 45 minutes. We took longer, since we stopped in the middle of the garden and sat on a group of three metal chairs to have lunch. The chairs were set back toward some trees on one side of a grassy area facing the “Triangle Garden.” It was a lovely place to have lunch.


In Front of Allagator Lagoon

We saw another baby alagator in a lagoon as we headed back from the graveyard at the far end of the plantation. It must have heard us coming, because it dived under the water. But it had been around long enough to give CDF a fright.


At Orton House

On the way back to the van we took some more pictures of CDF and the girls around the pansies in front of the plantation house.


Date Night

Last night CDF and I went out for a date. I met her at Lumina
Station after her appointment with Wendy there, and we went over to
the next block to eat supper at David’s Deli. After supper we were
planning on going to walk on the beach.

The deli was a small restaurant/carry-out place that had a beach feel
(like a lot of the places near Wrightsville Beach). Regardless of the
casual atmosphere, the food was good. I ordered a cheese-steak
sandwich, and CDF got a burger. We were both full when we left.

Meanwhile, MDF had gone to stay the evening with “Pastor John”
and “Mrs. Christy.” They went to the beach too and played on the sand
and in the water, and then on the way back stopped at the Sahara
restaurant and got hot dogs to eat.

CDF and I did go walk on the beach. It had started to get cold,
especially with the constant breeze coming off the ocean. But we
walked for about half an hour before heading back.


Seven Weeks Along

CDF was doing some figuring this morning and feels pretty sure that’s she is around seven weeks along in the pregnancy. This will put the due date right at the end of September, and if she’s late, it could be around October 4th!

Looks like we’ll have two fall babies. Just like Dom and I were. Interesting.


Rainy Day

Today it’s been rainy, but CDF and MDF went walking outside anyway. I’ll let her tell it (from our chat earlier).


CDF is Pregnant Again

This morning CDF found out she was pregnant. She started wondering a couple days ago when she looked at the calendar. A few other signs (like longing for a pickle), were there but not much. But she took the test this morning, and it was positive. Interesting though how it was about the same time two and a half years ago that we found out about MDF.


New Look

CDF ordered some new glasses online last week and we got them yesterday. At first she wasn’t so sure she liked them, but as the afternoon progressed, she started to warm up to them.

She picked out a more trendy style (as opposed to her others which are more of a “classic” style), and they might just be a tad to big. But they do look good on her.


Christmas glasses

A Strange Twist and Some Measure of Relief

For a number of weeks now CDF has been having abdominal pain. First we thought she was pregnant. Then the pain got worse, the pregnancy tests came back negative, and we didn’t know what it was.


Not So Sure Now

Well, CDF took another pregnancy test this morning — around seven o’clock
— and it was negative again. She emailed Mrs. Shreve too to see what she had
to say and the reply was that it’s possible that there is no pregnancy and this
is just part of the effects of coming off the pills (or at least that’s what I

So we’ll see what happens — and there’s nothing wrong with having to practice
some more before we get it right. ;->


Another One?

The past few days CDF has been experiencing something very like morning
sickness. She’s been lethargic, nauseous, and generally blah feeling for a
while in the morning and again in the evening before bed. Today she called from
Wal-Mart and said the smell of the Subway food cooking was turning her stomach,
which is very unusual for her since normally she likes subs.

So this morning she took a pregnancy test (at 3 AM of all times!) but the result
was negative. Still we’re inclined to believe the test was wrong since all the
other signs point to a positive. Anyway she’s bought two more tests to use soon.

Even after talking last night, I’m not nervous about the results. I feel the
normal uncertainty of how another baby will impact our life, but I almost feel
that as long as we want another child, now is as good a time as any. Waiting
won’t make the change any less significant or make it easier to adjust, and
there is going to come a time when it will be increasingly harder to adjust to a
new baby.

So we’ll see… of course hopefully sooner if for nobody’s sake other than


Five Year Anniversary, Part Three

On Sunday, after church, CDF, MDF, and I went up to Raleigh.
We at lunch at the church, leftovers from the Sunday School party at
CDF’s Parents’ the day before, and then left directly for Raleigh.

We first went to Pullen park, where we had spent time while we were
dating. We were worried that we didn’t remember how to find it, but got
there fine, with out making even one wrong turn.

We walked around some, looked at the train car, and the miniature train
the runs around the park, and then went to the playground to let
MDF play for a while.

Later I held MDF up to watch the Carosel go around. She was
facinated by it and didn’t want to leave. But it was getting hot and
muggy and we wanted to take a few pictures beside the lake before
heading back.

On the way back we met a couple with a yellow lab and a terrier mix.
MDF stopped to pet them, and we chatted with the couple for a few
minutes before moving on.

Leaving the park, we went to meet CDF’s nephew, Amos. He had
apartment about five minutes away from the park. After visiting a
little, and looking at his apartment we left to go find something to
eat. The original plan was to eat at Brothers Pizza, but it has just
closed down a few months back. So instead we went to Two Guys’ Pizza,
which was only a few doors down from Brothers. The pizza we ordered
looked a lot like what we would have gotten from Brothers, so we were
not as dissappointed about them closing.

After dropping Amos off at his apartment, we headed home. But since it
was still early we didn’t want MDF sleeping an hour before her bed
time and then keeping us awake later that night. So we stopped by a
shopping center just outside of Raleigh. Unfortunately most of the
stores had already closed, but we found that Target was still open, so
we did some shopping there. We wanted to wait until about 8 o’clock to
leave for Burgaw, so that MDF could sleep on the way home.
Ironically, on the way home I sat in the back, and kept MDF so
entertained, that she never went to sleep.