Daughters Work

At Work

Yesterday was ‘Take your Son/Daughter to Work Day’ so I took MD with me to the office for the morning. She was quite excited to go with me and was up at 7:00. We ate breakfast on the way and then she pretty much followed me around through my daily routine. We also made some extra stops to visit with some of my co-workers.

At Work

Back in the office she colored with markers and played some educational games on the computer.


Museum Visit

More from CDF:

Here we are in the Life and Science museum. They had a cloud bowl where you could touch a cloud–the top was cool, but the farther down you put your hand the warmer it got. Very interesting. Then they had a tornado of cloud to show how a tornado begins and what it looks like. MD held on to the pole because she was scared that the tornado was real. No matter how I explained that it would not suck her up into it…she still held on. And lastly, MD was inspecting insects with a huge magnifier. She’d make a perfect Inspector don’t you think?

More to come.


Cloud Bowl

Tornado Simulator


Travel to Raleigh

We got back from a business trip yesterday and today CDF sent out some pictures from their outings:

[jModule] had a conference in Raleigh earlier this week and the girls and I took field trips to the Morehead Planetarium, Pullen Park, Museum of Life and Science, and NC Natural Science Museum.

These pictures are from Morehead Planetarium and Pullen Park. As you can tell, the last picture the geese came up to where the girls were and typical CE fashion, she had to tell MD what was going on!

More to come.



Pullen Park

At the Lake

Pullen Park Lake has Ducks
Rambling Thoughts

More Silly Goodnight

CE often likes to put a stuffed animal on her head before she goes to sleep. The other night I finally had a chance to grab the camera and take a picture. She was happy to pose.


A Sheep on her Head