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Dog: Oh No

I think I found this funny dog picture on, but anyway it’s a sequence of pictures show a dog that changed his mind at the last minute about jumping into a pool of water. He waited too long to make that decision though: MUTE – Photoblog.

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Dog In the Grass


MDF really likes Dixie. How can I tell? Maybe it’s because that’s the one word she says consistantly. Maybe it’s because she cranes her neck to see the dog coming in the room. At least the play together well.


The other day Dixie was lounging on the floor and MDF was standing beside her, near her head. MDF was patting Dixie on the head, rubbing her ears, pulling her fur, and for a while Dixie just sat there, enjoying the attention I guess. After a little bit, though, Dixie sat up and sent MDF tumbling to the floor.


Noisy Dog

It’s amazing how loud Dixie can be. This morning I was trying to be quiet and not wake anyone when I got out of bed. Well Dixie woke up to and wanted to get up with me. But when she got halfway out of the room she decided to give a great big yawn (weeeep), sneeze (chew), and scratch (ch, ch, ch, ch, ch, ch). I could only roll my eyes. This much noise and she doesn’t even have her collar on (which you can hear anywhere in the house).