To the Park

Tuesday evening I was staying home with the girls. They were getting antsy and I decided to take them to the park. It was still hot an muggy outside, but it had finally started cooling down.

I was going to ride my bike and pull both girls in the trailer, but MD wanted to ride her own bike. After a moment of thought I decided to let her give it a try. She did a great job, and kept an eye out for “sharks” …err… cars. It took us less than 15 minutes to ride over to the park. It’s about 7 blocks away from our house, so I thought we made good time.

Sunday Afternoon Bicycle Ride

We like to ride around the neighborhood on our bikes and MD has gotten really good at keeping up with us on her little bike. The first few times we went out on the street, I was a little worried about her making the turns and not ending up in a ditch, but we only had one close call.

Yesterday though, we were coming back to our street and saw a cat come out of a yard to meet us. I turned around to see it and MD followed me, but she didn’t turn sharply enough and ended up in the grass. For some reason her brake wasn’t sticking and she kept on rolling, slowly, toward the ditch. CDF said her face was just puckered in an “oh” expression as she rolled in slow motion into the leaf-filled ditch. It wasn’t deep and she jumped off without getting hurt as it flopped over.

She was slightly miffed as CDF and I started laughing when she was back on the street. But she started laughing too after a minute.