Rambling Thoughts

In an Emergency

Today CDF sent me an instant message:

[I had] to chuckle. As CE was waiting for her snack, said, I can call 9-1-1. Where’s the 9?” MD shows her on the phone–CE then says, “Where’s the 1? You call 9-1-1 for an emergency. That’s what my teacher says.” She knows what to call–but not how to call it!! Hope I never need her to call due to an emergency!


More Talk

The other night I was getting my hair cut and MD was talking. The conversation was about sleeping.

“Let me tell you. When I sleep my ears plug up!” she said.

“What? You must not like going to sleep then.”

“I don’t mind it. I never hear CE when she cries. She doesn’t bother me.”

The lady must have realized at that point that MD mean she doesn’t hear things when she sleeps. She is a sound sleeper — like her mother — which has been convenient when CE has a bad night, but not so much when I need to wake her for some reason.


Everything About Science

One night this week I read the Berenstain Bear’s Science Fair book to MD. She really got into it, identifying solids and liquids, thinking about machines, etc. Afterward we went to find her mother for bed-time prayers, and MD told her, “We were reading Science Fair. I know everything about science now!” It must be fun to be four.