A Strange Twist and Some Measure of Relief

For a number of weeks now CDF has been having abdominal pain. First we thought she was pregnant. Then the pain got worse, the pregnancy tests came back negative, and we didn’t know what it was.

CDF did some research and found that some of the symptoms match ovarian cancer. That scared her. Then she looked a little more and found the symptoms also matched ovarian cysts. CDF’s mother suggested it was endomitriosis. Then Erin Shreve emailed and said those symptoms sounded like a tubal pregnancy to her, and if CDF ever fainted I needed to take her to the emergency room right away!

So we were confused and worried. CDF made an appointment with Cape Fear OB/GYN for yesterday afternoon. Still it was a stressful weekend while we waited and worried.

Finally she had her appointment…

[Update 12/07/2005]

They discovered it was just a cyst, one that had burst and was now being reabsorbed into her body. Strange, but not dangerous. The doctor said they could be common, but they wouldn’t interfere with getting pregnant and they shouldn’t have any negative effects other than making her feel sore and sick for a week or so.