Rainy Day

Today it’s been rainy, but CDF and MDF went walking outside anyway. I’ll let her tell it (from our chat earlier).

(11:51:22) jmodule: what’s up?
(11:51:30) chefdemala: well I am very excited to tell you tis
(11:51:31) chefdemala: this
(11:51:42) jmodule: ok
(11:52:09) chefdemala: about 11 MDF & I put our rain boots on & went for a walk—around the block like you do…and then we came back to the yard & walked around..
(11:52:30) jmodule: wow, that sounds fun ๐Ÿ™‚
(11:52:33) chefdemala: we found a tree nest in the magnolia tree, and some others in other trees not in our yard
(11:52:56) chefdemala: and she picked up pinecones & one had a spider on it & when she handed it to me the spider scared i dropped it..
(11:53:15) chefdemala: and she thought that was funny & the rest of the time we were out she wanted to find the spider & we sang a spider song
(11:53:15) jmodule: haha
(11:53:36) chefdemala: and she touched the rain pond (puddles) in our driveway
(11:53:44) chefdemala: and thought that was the neatest thing
(11:53:48) jmodule: hmm
(11:54:06) chefdemala: and there was a bird in a fir tree at the end of our driveway & it was black with some yellow on it’s wings..
(11:54:20) chefdemala: it flew out of the tree & we watched it fly by & she wanted to catch it
(11:54:42) chefdemala: i explained that we can’t keep wild birds –they need to be able to fly about
(11:54:52) jmodule: right
(11:54:53) chefdemala: and make pretty songs for us
(11:55:03) chefdemala: i had a good time..just walking around..
(11:55:19) chefdemala: she chattered the whole time we walked..& knew when to hold on my hand
(11:55:29) jmodule: good
(11:55:32) chefdemala: she talked about when i was sick you & her went for a walk
(11:55:37) jmodule: ๐Ÿ™‚
(11:55:40) chefdemala: and she walked with Beanie one time
(11:55:47) jmodule: oh
(11:55:49) chefdemala: i’m very happy about our little outing..
(11:55:59) jmodule: sounds like you girls had a blast