Around the House

Leaf Pile

Today we were raking leaves in the front yard. The girls were working on the leaves under the Oak trees and came up with the plan to make a big pile of leaves to jump in. It took them the whole time to get something together (though they did have help at the end). Once it was ready, the fun started.


Jumping in the Leaf Pile

That cat wanted to get in on the fun too, but her idea of fun was to burrow under the leaves. I don’t know how she managed to avoid being jumped on.


Cat in the Leaves
Around the House

Cat Pictures

Pictures of our new cat. The first after she was awake from a short nap.



Then she decided nothing interesting was going on and went back to sleep.


Napping In the Living Room
Around the House

Cali the Calico

From CDF:

Well last night a kitten wandered into our backyard and Dixie found her — she ran back on the other side of the fence. We saw no sight of a mom, so we bathed her and brought her in the house with us. Here are some pictures of the kitten. She likes Dixie — though Dixie is not too sure about her! When Cali comes to be beside Dixie, she normally gets up and leaves the kitten — who then follows after Dixie. Kinda funny.


Dixie and Cali

Playing with MD

Worn Out

Get the String Again
Around the House Daughters

Bennett for a Day

Thursday evening of last week we went for a walk like we often do around past the hospital and back up to Hayes street. As we got to the intersection of Bennett and Hayes we saw a little kitten coming toward us. He was mewing and toddling along. There were a bunch of flies on his back and I had a sinking feeling that he was in bad shape. Still he had pluck and tried following us up the next street. We took pity on him and I ran ahead to get a box to carry him in.

On closer inspection we could see that the flies had laid masses of eggs on his back. References on the Internet suggested that these flies are the first to spot rotting meat. I could only imagine what sort of sores were on this poor animals back. Still we took him home to see what we could do. While CDF talked to someone on the phone about getting him to an animal shelter I looked closer. His eyes were infected and couldn’t open (he must of been following us by the sound of our footsteps). and while his fur was matted with eggs, I couldn’t see any wounds or blood or anything that might suggest an injury. I put on rubber gloves and started to clean the eggs off.

It turned out that the cat was uninjured. Once we cleaned the eggs out of his fur he looked okay on the outside. We gave him water and a little to eat.

Asleep after a bath

The next morning CDF and the girls took him to the vet. He was very week, dehydrated, and had a viral infection that was common to kittens. They gave him fluids and we got medicine to give him. CDF took him home and gave him a bath to get rid of the fleas. The vet said if he could survive long enough to get back his strength he would be okay. We decided to name him Bennett for the street where we found him (or he found us).

Unfortunately the next morning he had gotten so weak he was having trouble holding his head up. He no longer wanted to eat or drink. By the time we got him to the vet it was apparent he was fading away. The vet took him back, but soon returned and said he had died.

We were all sad and Mo cried some. But we were still happy that we were able to help the little guy have a comfortable last few days.

Around the House Daughters

Friend Cat

At the house across the street lives a friendly cat. Clo calls her “our friend cat,” and both girls like to go visit her. We normally do that by walking down the side street beside the house. The cat is usually in the back yard or by the garage and she nows comes out as soon as she sees us. She has gotten to where she will lie down and let the girls rub her tummy.

Our Friend Cat

Every once in a while she’ll follow us home, but she knows about our dog and doesn’t come further into our yard than the end of the drive way.