Five Year Anniversary, Part Three

On Sunday, after church, CDF, MDF, and I went up to Raleigh.
We at lunch at the church, leftovers from the Sunday School party at
CDF’s Parents’ the day before, and then left directly for Raleigh.

We first went to Pullen park, where we had spent time while we were
dating. We were worried that we didn’t remember how to find it, but got
there fine, with out making even one wrong turn.

We walked around some, looked at the train car, and the miniature train
the runs around the park, and then went to the playground to let
MDF play for a while.

Later I held MDF up to watch the Carosel go around. She was
facinated by it and didn’t want to leave. But it was getting hot and
muggy and we wanted to take a few pictures beside the lake before
heading back.

On the way back we met a couple with a yellow lab and a terrier mix.
MDF stopped to pet them, and we chatted with the couple for a few
minutes before moving on.

Leaving the park, we went to meet CDF’s nephew, Amos. He had
apartment about five minutes away from the park. After visiting a
little, and looking at his apartment we left to go find something to
eat. The original plan was to eat at Brothers Pizza, but it has just
closed down a few months back. So instead we went to Two Guys’ Pizza,
which was only a few doors down from Brothers. The pizza we ordered
looked a lot like what we would have gotten from Brothers, so we were
not as dissappointed about them closing.

After dropping Amos off at his apartment, we headed home. But since it
was still early we didn’t want MDF sleeping an hour before her bed
time and then keeping us awake later that night. So we stopped by a
shopping center just outside of Raleigh. Unfortunately most of the
stores had already closed, but we found that Target was still open, so
we did some shopping there. We wanted to wait until about 8 o’clock to
leave for Burgaw, so that MDF could sleep on the way home.
Ironically, on the way home I sat in the back, and kept MDF so
entertained, that she never went to sleep.