Rambling Thoughts

Enjoying all Kinds of Weather

Last weekend we were still watching the water drain away. The heavy rains pushed in by tropical storm Nicole had brought more rain to our area than we had seen for a while. On a positive note, it ended the drought we were going through. Not so positive was the flooding that closed a lot of roads in our area.

We did try to get out and enjoy stomping in puddles. Other than on Tuesday when it was too windy, we put on boots and got our umbrellas and headed out.


Fancy Umbrellas
Around the House

After the Rain

The remnants of a tropical storm have been passing by. So the first thing to do once it stopped was get out the boots and walk in puddles! Beside our house is a berm that separates the residential zone from a rehab center, it is overgrown and there is one clearing that the girls and I call the “Witch’s Garden” (from Rapunzel). It often has good ditches to poke around in, so that was our destination this time.