Daughters Wife

Father’s Day

From CDF:

For [jModule’s] Father’s day we had a very low key type of day. We all attended church together and that evening we took a stroll at Wrightsville Beach. It was so nice & the girls thoroughly enjoyed it. We did not take our suits, but wished we had once we got there. The water was so calm & it was high tide.

I love the picture of Clo close-up with how the sunlight is hitting her face. And Mo — the picture says it all — she was having a BLAST!

Take care! Come enjoy the beach for those of you that live inland!!


Behind the Dunes

Walking at High Tide

Having a Blast

Contemplating Her Next Move
Family Travel

Visiting Bear Island Again

Yesterday we took a trip to Hammocks Beach State Park, or better known as just Bear Island. It was the first time I’ve been there since 1999. A lot has changed with the park buildings (especially since the hurricanes), but the beach is still the same.


The “Long” Walk

We rode the 10:30 ferry over to the island and arrived on the beach during low tide. The girls really enjoyed playing in the tidal pools (except for when the over abundant seaweed got caught around CE’s leg). The sea was calm and we all had a good time swimming just out past the first breakers.


Lunch in the New Pavilion

We ate lunch at one of the new pavilions in the dunes. After that the girls returned to the beach to play and dance in the sand a little longer before we had to head home.


Dancing on the Beach

We made it back for the 3:00 ferry. We were actually got back to the sound a few minutes early and sat on the boat for a while before it left.


Waiting on the Ferry

The girls played around with hats as we waited.


Wearing Wavy’s Hat