DIY Wall Mount for Ubiquiti APs

This project started out with a need to relocate two wireless access points at the church.  While there are some right-angle brackets from Oberon and others that will fit a UAP-AC-LITE, most of them cost nearly as much as the AP itself.

After looking at some templates for 3D printing, I decided instead to cut one out of a piece of 1 x 4 pine that I had on hand.  It turned out the top hole was unnecessary since it ended up getting covered by the mounting plate.  The second, wider hole is where the network cable will pass through to attach to the AP.

I used a simple metal bracket from the hardware store to be able to attach it to the wall.

The mounting plate was attached with screws.  I used some small washers to give extra space between the plate and the wood which will make it easier to attach the AP when installing it.

Though not as nice looking as a professional (or 3D printed) mount, it does the job.  When it’s mounted about 8-feet up on the wall, it will blend into the background nicely.


Mounting a Ubiquiti Wireless Access Point

A Ubiquiti wireless access point (WAP) comes with good instructions on how to install in a drop-ceiling tile or on a wall, but most home installations are going to be on drywall.  My guess is most installers figure it out pretty quickly, but for those who are like me and would like an example before trying it themselves, here are my steps.

I selected a location in the hallway and marked about center between the walls.  I used the mounting plate to make the location of the anchors and then drilled out the four holes.  I used 1-inch (25 mm) long #6 screws and #6 plastic drywall anchors.

The hole for the network cable is 1 inch (25 mm) away from one of the mounting holes like the instructions specify.  I started with a 1/2-inch (12 mm) hole for the Cat 6 cable, but ended up widening one side with a knife so the WAP would lay flat against the ceiling as I latched it to the mounting plate.

I have experimented with other mounting methods, including using the provided bolts and plate that is intended for mounting on ceiling tile.  I don’t recommend it, you will end up crawling up in the attic and digging through insulation to attach the tiny nuts to those bolts… completely unnecessary since none of the WAP’s from Ubiquiti exceed the weight limits of these small drywall anchors.

Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR
Around the House

The Leaning Tree Continues to Lean

Of all the trees to survive the storm, the leaning pine tree still stands (leans) over South Campbell Street.

Leaning Tree
The leaning tree survived another hurricane.

Around the House Family

After Hurricane Florence

The storm had moved past us and into South Carolina by Sunday (Sept. 16). Our house was fine and that afternoon I took the boards off the front window. We were very thankful to have come through the storm with so little damage.

House After the Storm
Our house had survived another hurricane.

On Monday we could see the linemen going around Burgaw and starting to work on restoring power. After we cleaned the yard we decided to drive around while the girls played at a friend’s house. We didn’t get very far. Highway 53 and Interstate 40 was blocked at the overpass. We drove down Highway 117 South until the road block near the bridge.

Flooding on Hwy 117
Flooding on the side of the road as we approach where the water covered the highway.

The North East Cape Fear river stayed over the bridge for many days.

Roadblock on Hwy 117
The roadblock near the NE Cape Fear bridge.

Around the House Family

Hurricane Day Three

While it was still raining on Saturday (Sept , we could tell that the worst of the storm had passed. There were even times during the day when it stopped raining all together. We got out side to look around some. Down the street we could see a tree from our neighbors yard had fallen on the power line. This meant we wouldn’t be getting our power restored a soon as we have in past storms.

Tree in the Road
A big tree had fallen on the power line and into the street.

The next few days many people would turn down our street and drive up to the tree and then have to turn around in our driveway. A lot of it was probably people trying to get to The Laurels beside us, and they couldn’t come from the other side because of flooding.

Around the House Family Rambling Thoughts

Hurricane Day Two

By Friday (Sept. 14) the storm was moving slowly on to shore. The eye would pass over Wilmington and move south of us. The wind shifted to the east and a few more trees fell, but for the most part it was just heavy rain now. So far our house had been spared.

House During the Hurricane
View of the house during day two of the hurricane.

Unfortunately later that afternoon the rain had soften the ground enough that when a big gust came through it knocked over our willow tree in the back yard.

Willow Tree
Our favorite willow tree was knocked over by the Hurricane

Around the House Family

The Winds Arrives

Thursday (Sep 13) we listened to and watched the news as the storm moved in. Finally we started hearing good news, it had not strengthened, instead as it moved closer it fell to a Category 3, then 2, and by the time the winds started reaching us, it had fallen to a Category 1. Now the big danger was from flooding since the storm was moving very slowly.

All day Thursday we had mostly wind from the north with a little rain mixed in. Some trees fell and we lost power that evening.

Hurricane Wind
Wind gusts as the hurricane moved on shore.

The girls played outside some in the tree house. The dog tried to stay with us, but he doesn’t like getting wet in the rain.

Dog in the Rain
Barnabas does not like to be rained on.

Rambling Thoughts

The Leaning Tree of Campbell Street

A pine tree in our neighbor’s yard has been leaning at a precarious angle for many years. With the storm coming in from the east (and winds from the north), we figured it was very likely that the tree would finally fall. I took a “before” picture in case that happened.

Family Work

Hurricane Florence, the Beginning

This hurricane season was very quiet and I didn’t even pay attention when Florence appeared in the Atlantic. It wasn’t until the storm spun up to a Category 3 storm on Sunday, September 9, and then the tracks all pointed to Wilmington, NC, did I take notice.

Monday morning a coworker and I went to a pre-storm meeting with the College administration at work and the decision was made based on the storm’s likelihood of becoming a Category 4 hurricane, to close on Tuesday. That started a very long week of waiting.

Tuesday morning (Sept. 11th) was spent shutting down the datacenters at work and making sure things were ready for the expected power-outage. I also spent a lot of the morning searching for wood to cover our bay window. But by the afternoon the window was covered, bread and water were in the pantry and all we could do was wait.

Stormy Sky
The sky was cloudy toward the east as the hurricane approached.

Wednesday the storm had slowed down and people were worried it would get even stronger. There was nothing to do but wait. On our evening walk we noticed the Pender Memorial Hospital Emergency Department had closed.

Pender Memorial Hospital
The Emergency Department closed in anticipation of a Cat 4 Hurricane.


Homemade Cat 5 Jig

Last week I was redoing some networking for the new church building and was going to need to punch down a number of jacks. So that Saturday I built a jig out of scraps. My goal was to make it easier to hold the jack and cable in place and to have something solid to punch against. I succeeded fairly well, even if it’s not much to look at.