Behind Belk


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This weekend MGA and I went to visit the new Barns and Noble bookstore in the Mall. He wanted to get the new Clone Wars novelization and I was just along to browse.

After the bookstore we went around to the back of the mall where there was a picnic table beside an entrance to Belk. MGA wanted to get some updated pictures to share with friends. It turned out to be a great place for pictures. It was in the shade and the marble-like wall made a great backdrop.


Some friends of ours from church have blueberry bushes beside their house that are old and well established. The bushes regularly produce lots of berries. This year the area got a lot of rain just as the berries ripened so our friends told everyone to come pick blueberries before they spoil from all the rain (I think it causes the berry to split after absorbing too much water).



So we went by today around 10:00 AM and picked a bunch of berries. They girls had a good time, MD ate almost as many as she picked, and CE joined in once she saw what MD was doing. Once the bucket was full, they were happy to keep on picking, and just eat what they picked!

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