Church Cookout

This past Saturday we went to a cook-out hosted by Emmanuel’s interim pastor’s parents. They have a house down by the Intercoastal Waterway. A thunderstorm had just passed through the area earlier in the afternoon, so it was windier than usual, but the sky was clear and the air was warm. Almost perfect for an afternoon on the water.

Unfortunately I left the backpack with the swimsuits sitting on the floor in the living room at home, so we weren’t able to get in the water. But we did have fun on the boats. Mo went for a long ride in the water way with the Pastor’s daughter and some other young ladies. While she was out on the water, CDF and I got in one of the tandem kayaks and paddled down the inner channel. We all had a great time and worked up an appetite for the burgers that were grilling while we were out.


Back from boating in the waterway

After eating, the girls played fetch with one of the more furrier guests. Laramie (I think that’s how it’s spelled) was a black lab just out of puppy-hood, and full of energy. He enjoyed chasing the tennis ball, and had been diving in the water after another toy earlier. Clo enjoyed tossing the ball and would yell, “go boy,” every time she threw it.


Playing with Laramie

Mo and her friend wanted to go out in a kayak, but there wasn’t an opportunity to take them out. But they worked something out anyway.


Are we going anywhere yet?
Rambling Thoughts

Considering the Modern Church

I’ve been reading Sean Tucker’s blog recently, in which he muses on the modern church, and especially on how the mainline churches have moved away from the Bible and toward their own idea of religion. So far I find myself agreeing with many of his observations. I feel blessed that I’ve found two churches (Emmanuel and New Covenant in my area that teach truth from the Bible (and challenge the members to live by that truth). But will people who are disillusioned like Sean turn toward a church affiliated with a small reformed denomination? Reading his posts have made me consider what I can do to reach out to people hungry for the truth of Christ.


Tea Party

Last Wednesday MD’s Pioneer club at church hosted a tea party for grandparents, widows, and widowers to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Of course the parents came along too. We invited the lady across the street who is a widow, and also two of MD’s friends, one who lives next door.

The party was held in the back of the building. Tables were setup up with the short edge against the wall and the tea and hot cocoa set out. At the back were cookies and other treats. CDF had made snicker doodles to bring.

The program for the evening was simple. Once everyone had gotten settled with their food, a group of children got up to recite the Bible verses they had memorized. After that a lady talked a little about what the bible teaches about love. Then it was just time for socializing. I enjoyed watching the children interacting with their grandparents and the other older people who were there.


Last Day of VBS

Yesterday was the last day of VBS at Mission Baptist. Parents were invited for the closing ceremonies that started at 6:00 PM. Each child was given a tee-shirt to wear that evening. CE got one too, even though she wasn’t old enough to participate during the week.


MD and CE Ready for VBS

CDF had been a helper for the older girls (and enjoyed doing it) so she had a shirt too. The people at the church have always been really nice and CDF enjoyed working with them for the week.


After Church

Stories from VBS

This year MD is going to Vacation Bible School at a nearby church again. She has been looking forward to it all spring and she was quite disappointed to learn that it would last less than a whole week.

CE didn’t know much about it, apparently, but when we got to the church on Sunday for the first night she wanted to stay with her sister. CDF volunteered to stay and help so I had to take CE home. She started crying as soon as she realized that we were heading toward the car, and cried all the way home.

I didn’t want to spend the next two hours listening to her cry, so I had to find a way to cheer her up. I decided to try the sprinkler since it was still close to 100 degrees outside and that would be a nice way to cool off some. It worked, she was happy to play in the water, although I ended up turning the pressure down until it was more like a small fountain since she really only wanted to get her feet wet.

During supper she “talked” about going back to find her sister and she was pretty excited to go back to the church. As we walked inside, some ladies said, “Hi, how are you,” and to my surprise CE responded with, “Hi… good.”

We found CDF, had a snack, and CE was finally really happy.

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Palm Sunday

This past Sunday MD participated in a service at a Baptist church that is a couple blocks away from our house. The children’s’ part was to each memorize a sentence that went along with her assigned letter and then to say it when her time came. MD did great, and said hers loud and clear enough for everyone to hear. The grandparents were able to come too, and that made it extra special.


MD at the Palm Sunday Service