Christmas Pictures

On Christmas Eve the family got together for a group picture. We ended up taking two different pictures as people arrived at different times. I was so busy checking for a sufficient amount of light, and making sure that nobody was cut off at the edges, that I forgot to check to see if anyone’s face was obscured. Something to remember for next year.


Second family picture

Sam’s family wasn’t supposed to arrive until later, but they got there before the camera was put away, so we were able to include them in a second picture.


First family picture

Christmas Cookies

This Christmas we went up to my parents house to make Christmas cookies with my two Aunts. This has been a tradition in my family for a long time, but for a number of years I let others do the baking. This year I was back to being involved, rolling out and cutting the dough. CDF had mixed up the dough and supervised the baking.


Christmas Sugar Cookies

All the children helped out with the decorating. We used frosting and sprinkles to make many colorful designs. CE decided the frosting was better in her mouth. I’m not sure how many she managed to decorate all the way.


Enjoying the Frosting

Christmas 2008


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Last weekend we set up the Christmas tree, and that means it was time for the annual family Christmas picture. On the technical side, I set up things differently this year. To start with I was using off-camera flash, and while I like the lighting, it could use a lot of improvement in brightness and less red-eye. Also I got a remote shutter control for the camera so we no longer have to set the 10-second timer and then rush to get into position.

So the remote is great, the lighting was decent, and once CE had taken a good nap, we got a good picture for this year.