CDF was reading a newsletter today and came across an article about parenting that talked about being intentional in the way one raises children. That’s something we strive toward with our girls. So it caught her interest and she started looking up more online and came across this web site called Intentional Parents. It covers a lot of what was in the original article and include extra information as well.

Hide and Seek

Recently CE has gotten the hang of playing hide-and-seek. There are a couple of funny things she says. First, when we’re counting, she’ll say, “one … thirty … thirty … rey naht.” Then run and say, “ah fahnoo,” when she finds you. Even when she is supposed to be hinding she’ll jump out and yell “ah fahnoo.”

MD is funny too. When CE and I are the “seekers” she’ll be in a closet and knock on the door from the inside and yell, “check in the closet.”

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Silly Games

I was reflecting on some of MD’s mannerisms. Recently we’ve been playing different chasing games. Usually after supper as I’m cleaning up the kitchen. One of them is where she calls me a “sticky toe penguin” and that means I’m supposed to chase after her. Other times I’m supposed to come after her with a towel. Either way she runs shrieking down the hall to her bed room. CE joins in too, and they often feed off each other to the point that I take a step or two in their direction and they’re off, both thinking the other must know I’m chasing them and so they must run faster. It’s quite funny.