What a Bike

I came across a great picture of a bike with two child seats. It’s not unusual to see a bike with a child seat on the back, CDF’s bike has one, but I’ve never seen one (make that two) quite like this.

On a related note, the high price of gas has really made people turn to biking. We’ve been biking around our town for almost three years, but this is the first summer that I’ve really seen other people out on bikes. Our neighbors even bought bikes and they will sometimes join us in the evening.

Blogroll Music


Reading another blog, they mentioned going to a concert headlined by Chisako, the former singer of the Japanese band fra-foa. I have a passing interest in Japanese culture, mostly after visiting a few years ago, but I found this band quite interesting, They’re labeled as pop-rock, but it’s not what I’m used to in the USA. It is darker and the live concerts were full of raw emotion (now that I’ve read some more, I realize that was one of their trademarks).

Blogroll Dog

Dog: Oh No

I think I found this funny dog picture on, but anyway it’s a sequence of pictures show a dog that changed his mind at the last minute about jumping into a pool of water. He waited too long to make that decision though: MUTE – Photoblog.

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