Date Night

Last night CDF and I went out for a date. I met her at Lumina
Station after her appointment with Wendy there, and we went over to
the next block to eat supper at David’s Deli. After supper we were
planning on going to walk on the beach.

The deli was a small restaurant/carry-out place that had a beach feel
(like a lot of the places near Wrightsville Beach). Regardless of the
casual atmosphere, the food was good. I ordered a cheese-steak
sandwich, and CDF got a burger. We were both full when we left.

Meanwhile, MDF had gone to stay the evening with “Pastor John”
and “Mrs. Christy.” They went to the beach too and played on the sand
and in the water, and then on the way back stopped at the Sahara
restaurant and got hot dogs to eat.

CDF and I did go walk on the beach. It had started to get cold,
especially with the constant breeze coming off the ocean. But we
walked for about half an hour before heading back.