Wild Grapes

We have wild grapes growing in the woods beside our house. The other day MD asked if we could make juice out of them. Since I had the day off, we tried it this morning.


Muscadine Grapes

We each tried mashing the grapes, and discovered that they were harder to squish than they looked.


Squashing the Grapes

Everyone had a taste. CDF said the juice reminded her of Aunt Sena who used to grow grapes.


Grape Juice

Snapping Turtle

Yesterday evening we went for a walk in the rain — outfitted in boots and umbrellas. When we got back, the girls spotted somthing in our front yard, near the ditch, and called me over.

“It’s a snapping turtle!”

“A little one?” I asked.

“Umm… not really. Come see!”


Common Snapping Turtle

We bothered the turtle a little bit, but it was in no mood to move. It just pulled it’s legs in and blinked slowly at us. So eventually we left it alone and went inside for a little bit. We came back out about 10 minutes later because the girls wanted to show it to their Mom.

CE was the first to notice that it was gone! We looked all around and decided it must have gone into the culvert. Then I noticed a dark spot in the part of the ditch still filled with water. The turtle had submerged itself — probably to get away from us — so we let it be.

In an Emergency

Today CDF sent me an instant message:

[I had] to chuckle. As CE was waiting for her snack, said, I can call 9-1-1. Where’s the 9?” MD shows her on the phone–CE then says, “Where’s the 1? You call 9-1-1 for an emergency. That’s what my teacher says.” She knows what to call–but not how to call it!! Hope I never need her to call due to an emergency!

Leaf Pile

Today we were raking leaves in the front yard. The girls were working on the leaves under the Oak trees and came up with the plan to make a big pile of leaves to jump in. It took them the whole time to get something together (though they did have help at the end). Once it was ready, the fun started.


Jumping in the Leaf Pile

That cat wanted to get in on the fun too, but her idea of fun was to burrow under the leaves. I don’t know how she managed to avoid being jumped on.


Cat in the Leaves

Spring Dance Recital

This week MD got her costume for the spring dance recital. CDF to some pictures of her posing out by the azalea bushes.

Dance Costume

At Work

Yesterday was ‘Take your Son/Daughter to Work Day’ so I took MD with me to the office for the morning. She was quite excited to go with me and was up at 7:00. We ate breakfast on the way and then she pretty much followed me around through my daily routine. We also made some extra stops to visit with some of my co-workers.

At Work

Back in the office she colored with markers and played some educational games on the computer.

More Silly Goodnight

CE often likes to put a stuffed animal on her head before she goes to sleep. The other night I finally had a chance to grab the camera and take a picture. She was happy to pose.


A Sheep on her Head

Silly Goodnight

Monday night MD had an emotional crisis — mainly due to the fact that she was overdue for bed — triggered by realization that she was going to bed at the same time as her little sister. She finally wound up in bed crying.

Meanwhile the little sister was laying quietly in her crib, and as I was talking I happened to look over at her. She was laying on her back, sucking her pacifier, with a small stuffed lamb perched on her forehead. I asked her what the sheep was doing and MD’s tears turned to laughter. She just grinned from behind the paci and turned her head so the lamb fell off. She can be such a clown sometimes.

Dance Recital

Last night was MD’s first dance recital with Performing Arts Studio. It was a two-hour production with all the students in the studio doing two or three performances. MD had four numbers: ballet, gymnastics, tumbling, and signing. It was all done with Christmas songs, and the last one was “Happy Birthday Jesus.” Best of all she did not get nervous or flustered by missteps, but instead enjoyed performing and had a great time.