From CDF:

Here is CE this morning on her first day of preschool!! She was so excited to be going—but was not all that sure about being left. She didn’t cry though. I was proud of her.


Outside the Preschool

Getting Involved

Pictures from the Graduation

They had a nice ceremony at the Presbyterian church. The children all did great. They sang their songs (“the ants go marching, hurrah, hurrah…) and there were no major interruptions from any of the four-year-olds, even when the ceremony started to feel like it had been going on for a long while.

Graduation Line-Up

Each child was given a diploma and a children’s NIV Bible. I think MD was quite pleased with hers.


She has a Diploma!

She also got flowers from her cousin and some plants from her grandparents. We’ll be giving her another present today, a board game and some coloring stuff.


Graduating from Preschool

Tonight MD celebrates finishing two years of preschool at the Presbyterian Church school. Her class has fifteen students graduating and they’ve been practicing songs for the past month to sing at tonight’s ceremony. We’ve invited family to attend and I expect we’ll be well represented.

MD was a little worried last night that I might not make it to the ceremony. She asked me a number of times if I was going to be there, and then came back out after being put to be to ask me if I knew where to go tomorrow. I told her that even if I didn’t, her Mama would get me to the right place at the right time.

CDF made cards for the teachers and put together a goodies basket with home-made cookies and home-made strawberry jam made from berries we picked this past weekend.