Doctor Visits

The First Doctor Appointment

The appointment was at 8:15am and we got there about then. We were the first people there actually. But we didn’t get called back until 8:45, after most of the others had already been called. The excuse was paperwork.

We started out with the ultrasound tech. I didn’t realize that they even did ultrasounds this early. It was fascinating to see the gray speck on the monitor that the tech said was our baby. Even better was when we saw the tiny heart beat — a little round flicker going at 156 BPM. Finally, after doing a lot of measurements and taking pictures, we got the infamous ultrasound picture to take home and show everybody*.

Next person we saw was a nurse who went over our medical history and gave us information. It’s a good thing a lot of it was written down, since I can’t remember a single helpful thing she said — at least right now.

Lastly CDF had some blood work done. She did very well.

* Apparently not everyone has heard the jokes about parents and their ultrasound pictures. I don’t remember where I heard them, but let me just say: No, you CAN’T tell if the baby resembles me yet.


Discovering we were pregnant.

Tuesday night, February 4, 2003, CDF commented that she was late on her period… more so that usual. For some reason or other, I had been paying attention as well but hadn’t wanted to say anything. What really got me suspicious was when she wanted Ice Cream a couple nights before, just out of the blue, and she normally refused my offer of ice cream for dessert.

So that night we went to WalMart, dodged a few fellows who were trying to buy condoms, and got a test. The next morning before I left for work, she took said test…

This wasn’t the first test we’d taken, but the first time she called me back to see. Neither of us were sure what to do or say next. As far as we knew, we were pregnant!

Rambling Thoughts


I’m going to try to start a diary on my wife’s pregnancy and the birth of our first child. Actually it could be the process of becoming a father. The thing is, I’m not really sure how to classify this process, and so I thought I’d write out my feelings.

Hopefully I can be consistant with this. I’ve never really done anything with a diary before, for lack of persistance if anything. Maybe the fact it’s on a computer will help, especially since that makes it much easier to ramble now that my hand won’t cramp from gripping a pen.

So to wrap this first entry up, I think I’ll spend a little while getting the interface to look right and maybe add a few more entries (see I’m rambling already).