Walk in the Woods

I went walking today at lunch. I was at the CFCC North Campus for Bookstore FA~Link training and didn’t have much to do during lunch. So I went walking around the campus, much of which is still under construction. I headed down the parking lot and headed toward a dirt road that wound around a pond and toward a big pile (hill?) of dirt.

Climbing the pile of dirt, I found something neat. There was a flat area where construction vehicles had removed dirt a while back and now there was a depression where cattails and were growing in a shallow pond. There were frogs too. It was kind of like finding a lake on the side of a mountain.

I walked passed the ponds and cattails, and climbed over a small ridge. I ran into a blackberry patch that reminded me a lot of the woods behind the house on Blue Creek road. There was even a path on the other side of the ridge that stopped in a small clear area that was surrounded by blackberry vines, huckleberry bushes, and other grasses and plants. It reminded me a lot of when I would walk in the woods around Blue Creek road. I walked along the path a little and surprised a bobwhite quail.

So even though the bottom of my shoes got muddy (and the floor under my desk now has lots of dirt spots), I had a good time reminiscing.