Around the House

Mowing Grass

We have much more yard on Campbell St than we did on Valor Drive. Now
it’s not as much as we had in the trailer on Brown Road, or maybe even
not as much as Richlands Hwy, but it’s more than I’ve been used to
mowing for the past few years.

So CDF and I have been thinking about getting a riding mower, but I
kept balking at the price — nine hundred dollars is a lot of money.
But I finally decided to get one, after realizing it was going to take
at least three hours just to push mow the yard (not including time for
trimming/weed-eating). So we got one on sale from Sears.

I mowed the lawn Tuesday night (in between showers). Of course, it took
less time and was a lot easier. On as side note, it has a great turning
radius (or what ever that’s called).