The Witch’s Garden

Today MDF and I were out looking for blackberries. I had found
some in the ditch to the left of our driveway and so we went walking
down that way. We only found two, but kept on going until we got to
the driveway of the rehab center. There is a clear “meadow” between
the parking lot of the center and the woods that separates it from our
house that MDF calls the “Witches Garden” (from the Rapunzel
story). We normally go in there and pick Asters, or just look around,
but today I thought I would check for blackberries. We found a bunch.

I started picking some and MDF was talking about the witch
finding us in her garden. We discussed the possibility that the witch
would not like us picking her blackberries, but I tried to tell
MDF that maybe the witch would share.

Soon I discovered that there were a whole lot of blackberries up the
slope of the berm that is hidden in the woods. So I told MDF we
needed to go back and get a bucket to hold all the berries we would
pick, so we headed back to tell CDF what we found.

When we got back, MDF told CDF about the “Witches Garden” and
CDF asked if the witch was going to put MDF in a tower, and
call up to her “MDF, MDF, let down your hair.” MDF
didn’t reply, but took a step toward me, and held on to my leg. She
had a worried look on her face, and, after laughing a bit, CDF and
I had to explain it was really just a story.

We picked half a small bucket of berries before getting tired and
heading back home. So for dessert MDF and I had blackberries and
ice cream! Not CDF though, she finds the blackberries too tart.