Around the House

Rainy Day

Yesterday a couple of big thunderstorms came through the area. I met the second at Rock Point on my way home. After supper it was still raining but the lightning had moved on, so I took MDF outside for a stroll with our boots and umbrella. It didn’t take her long to get ready.

There was still plenty of light (it was about 7:30 PM), and we just walked around the front and back yard looking for puddles to step in. I held the umbrella in one hand and MDF’s hand in the other. She was just happy walking in the water and chattering about whatever came to mind.

I did notice a peculiar smell in the air — I think it was ozone from the lightning — but I never could tell for sure what it was or where it came from. But it certainly had that smell I associate with electrical equipment, and since I didn’t see anything shorted out nearby, I’m thinking it was ozone from the thunderstorm.

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