Outer Banks

I took vacation time the first week of November and we went out to the Outer Banks of NC. We stayed at the Outer Banks Beach Club in Kill Devil Hills — not a mile away from the Wright Brother’s Memorial.

The resort was right on the beach, though we were the second row of buildings so we didn’t have a view of the water. We stayed on the third floor in a three bedroom condo — including a kitchen — and had a view of the pool. Of course it was too cold to swim in the outdoor pools, but MDF liked to look out at them and gave each one a name: the adult pool was the Momma pool, then there was the Baby Pool for little children, and the hot tub was the Sister Pool. She really wanted to swim, and one day we did finally go over to the indoor pool and swim for half an hour, but even then we froze!

We spent a lot of time on the beach, and the weather was great for it. It was around 75 degrees during the day, and so we spent a lot of time walking around on the beach, “in our toesies,” looking for shells, and just playing in the sand. Every once in a while we’d stick our feet in the water, but it was chilly already.

We took our bikes with us, and one day rode up to the Wright Brother’s monument and park. Unfortunately the traffic light was one that required a car to trigger a change, and one never came by. So with all the traffic going up and down Highway 508, we never did cross and go into the park. But we got to see the monument and area from distance before we turn back and just enjoyed the ride.