Developing Imagination

It’s great to be able to watch a child grow and develop. Great and terrible at the same time actually. MDF is starting to be able to think abstractly, in the sense that she has started to think about imaginary things. This is great when she plays house, or wants to “be sharks!” But not good when she’s scared of monsters at bed-time. I still remember being scared when I was little and I was hoping that MDF wouldn’t have to go through that, but I guess it is something every child has to deal with.

Yesterday CDF sent me an instant message right after MDF woke up from her nap which illustrates much of the above.

(15:10:11) chefdemala: well let me go check on her & see if she is ready to come out..

(15:10:31) chefdemala: she has said that daddy will come home soon…where’s daddy..daddy will come home soon

(15:10:43) chefdemala: i keep saying yes, he’ll come home soon…

(15:10:52) chefdemala: just a few more hours for her to wait now..

(15:15:19) chefdemala: i am a mommy boy..and i work at the sewing machine..

(15:15:34) chefdemala: morganne is a morganne monseter & she she works like her daddy

(15:15:37) chefdemala: ttyl!