Around the House

Yard Work

Yesterday evening Roy and Caroline came over to help trim the bushes and
trees one the edge of our yard to make way for the fence that will be
put up in June.

I didn’t have a clear idea of how much cutting I wanted to do, but we
worked out that it would be best to clean up to the edge of the ditch.
Someone had put up a bird house on a tree just on the other side of the
ditch — a place that would have been on the edge of the yard years ago.
So it seem appropriate to cut the brush back to that point.

There’s still more that can be cut, but we had more limbs than would fit
on the side of the road, and it was more than could be done in one
evening. But we got space cleared for the fence, and that was the most
important thing.

MDF was helping “direct” the work. She had a twig that she would
wave at someone walking by while she shouted, “Stop, stop.” Eventually
I got her to say, “Go, go,” too, so she wouldn’t be holding up work. 😉