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Meeting People

On Friday, while CDF and I were waiting for the nurse to complete the glucose test (by drawing blood), a pregnant lady, followd by her family, sat down beside us — apparently about ready to go into labor. I didn’t reconize any of them, but as they were leaving, the mother came back into where we were (down the hall from the waiting room) and asked if my name was [jModule]. It turned out that our families had been friends many years ago, at Plaza Manor Apts. The mother name was Terry Dyer, and the daughter who was pregnant was Jennifer.

Unfortunately my memories are vague. I know the name, and the mother’s face is familiar. But I was only 3 or 4 years old when our famlies were neighbors. I do remember visiting them here in Wilmington when I was older (but I don’t know how old), and I have a mental picture of walking down a street with Dom, Ruth and Jennifer leading the way (maybe with her sister too). Also I think they had a waterbed. :-/ But that’s about it.

The really amazing part about the whole meeting is that Jennifer was the one to recognize me. I’m sorry that I couldn’t say the same (though I did remember her name after a while).

Anyway, Terry was very nice and introduced herself to CDF, asking how far along she was. We talked for a minute or two before she had to leave.

I close before I end up making comments about small worlds and such.

[corrected spelling of name, 7/17/03]

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