Good Report

This past Friday CDF heard from the doctor about the results from the GTT. Her sugar levels were normal! Needless to say, everyone was very happy and a lot of prayers were answered.

She is more aware about her sugar intake now and she’s been checking the nutrition labels a lot lately (ketchup, salad dressing, soda, etc.). I think she’ll settle down now though.

We did get some helpful advice from Theresa McArthur about foods she can eat while keeping her sugar intake low. She’s not supposed to have more than 3 carbohydrate servings at one meal. Sodas are right out (until after the pregancy, of course). We’re blessed to know someone who can give professional advice.

On another though… I never realized that soda drinks had so much sodium. While Sam was contemplating putting salt in his drink (what he won’t try), somebody beat him to it!

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