Doctor Visits

Sugar Tests…

We had a combined check-up and glucose test last Friday (7/11). To start everything off, CDF had to drink half a bottle of the orange sugary liquid (very sugary). It gave her a headache after a little, but other than that she was fine.

The check-up was routine. CDF has gained 2 pounds since the last visit (up to 19lbs total now) and her belly, while on the small side, is growing like it should. I think we saw Dr. Lewison (thin, short and straight blond hair). As before she was very laid back and appeared to be satisfied with how the pregnancy was going.

CDF did very well when they drew blood — to complete the sugar test — and I think the nurse did a good job too.

Today they called with the results of the test… 🙁 CDF’s blood sugar was elevated (she failed the test) and she has to go back on Wednesday for the long test (3 hours) to determine if she has Gestational Diabetes. That will mean watching her sugar intake and a lot of finger pricks a day (four) to check the sugar level.

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