Lunch, and Getting Stuck

I met CDF and MDF yesterday to shop at the Sam’s Club and then we went to lunch at Chic-Fil-A. The restaurant had an inside playground area, and MDF asked to go in it as soon as she saw it. So we told her she could after we ate.

Apparently she has been in one before with her friend Mackenzie, but this time she went in the playground alone and she seemed a little intimidated. She’s just a little to short to climb most of it, but I was able to help her up to the level where she could make it to the slide. Unfortunately once she got there she didn’t want to try to go any further. There was a tunnel to her right that would lead her to the slide and so I tried to get her to go through it. Only after much coaxing did she give it a try and then she apparently couldn’t make it up the slight slope and came back out the way she went in.

Eventually it was time to go and since she couldn’t get to the slide to get down, she had to climb back down the way she went up, and that posed another problem. Finally CDF crawled in the first level and helped her down.