Midnight Germs

For the past couple of nights MDF has been waking up around Midnight and crying. Eventually we determined that her mouth was hurting and CDF thinks it has something to do with her 24-month molars.

So last night she woke up and told me her mouth hurt when I went to see what was wrong. I told her we were going to get Tylenol so her mouth would feel better. While I was rummaging through the medicine drawer looking for her medicine she spotted the “Airborne for Kids” bottle that had little cartoon characters that were supposed to be germs. “Beanie” had gotten the bottle for MDF last fall and for a long time MDF carried around the box which also had pictures of the “germs.” So she got very interested in that and told me that she needed medicine for her germs.

I told her that the medicine was too big for her to eat, and anyway one had to put it in a cup in water and let it dissolve before you could drink it. That was okay, she would take it in the morning.

After I put her in bed and said good night, she talked (for about 15 minutes) about the germs and told her stuffed animals about needing medicine for germs.

Then this morning she has told CDF over and over, after pretending to cough in her hand, that she has a germ and needs BIG medicine.