Words Become Sentences

MDF is a talker, no doubt about that, and she talks very well for her age. There are things she says, especially how she pronounces words, that make me smile.

“Parringe” is what she has in her bowl for you to eat. It’s not “porange” a.k.a. porridge. I think she gets this from Mother Goose with the “Peas Porridge” song/rhyme.

And there are others, which unfortunately are not coming to mind at the moment.

She still says “t” for “c” and “d” for “g”. As in “tat” and “doddie” for cat and doggie. And I think “l” and “r” still come out as “w”: “wet’s go pway in da wiving woom.” 🙂

On the other hand, she can sing a lot of the Mother Goose rhymes, the “Bob and Larry” songs (Veggie Tales), and other children songs that are on her CD’s (Old McDonald, etc.).