Around the House

Long Weekend

I had yesterday off as part of the 4-th of July holiday. So yesterday, we spent most of the time doing stuff around the house. CDF and I cleaned up the computer room in the morning, and in the afternoon I took MDF to church with me to pay bills while CDF experimented with decorating a cake.

At the office in the church, MDF was crawling around and went out the office door. I noticed she was gone and was about to go get her and bring her back when I heard her make a noise. I looked up and she was back in the doorway looking at me as if to say, “I’m back, did you miss me?”

CDF’s cake experiment didn’t turn out well, so she’s decided to let Mrs. Joy bake MDF’s birthday cake. She’s settled on a Strawberry Shortcake theme. She’ll still make a cake, but it’ll be a simple one with one fancy candle.

We swam in the pool again in the afternoon. I had forgotten to turn off the water when I was filling it on Saturday, the water was up to the “Do Not Fill Past” line, and was too deep for MDF to sit by herself. So we held on to her and “swam” her around a lot. She appeared to try put her face in the water, but the two times she’s done that before, she get’s water up her nose. CDF did say that babies go under water all the time in certain classes for them, but I’m still worried about letting MDF try it.