Tonight CDF went to a quilting meeting and I stayed home with MDF. That seeminly innocent statement turned into a evening of adventure. Not quite trouble, so I’m calling them adventures.

We started out playing on the floor, pestering Dixie, and eating crumbs around the kitchen table. Then somehow we made our way back to the computer room where we discovered a little “car” (see below) that was just big enough for her to ride. Not thinking, I put her on it and pushed her back and forth. She loved it. We went through the hall, into the living room, kicked the dog out, and went back down the hall.


Ridng a Scooter

I didn’t yet realize how much she was enjoying it, that is until I decided I was tired. I tried to get her off, but she clung to the handlebars. So we went around some more. We tried to stop again, but she wanted to keep going. Finally after the third time of “driving” around the house (I think the total was now about 15 minutes), I decided that it was time to stop. She fussed and fumed for a few minutes, but calmed down when we started getting ready for a bath (one side note on that: wait until the last minute to take off her diaper).

She’s gotten big enough where I can sit her in the tub without the baby seat. I keep a careful watch on her and she’s done fine so far, but normally I only let her out of the seat for the last minute before I dry her off. Tonight I decided to not use the seat at all and let her sit in the bath by her self. She splashed a lot and even was brave enough to crawl after a toy (the water is shallow enough for that). It was actually easier to wash her that way, I didn’t have to try to get around the seat and I could turn her around if I needed to. Near the end she got some water up her nose and that was the end of the fun and so I got her out.