Jenny and Mike’s Wedding

This weekend we went to Cary for Jenny Bonner’s wedding — one of CDF’s childhood friends. It was held at the Matthew’s House in Cary, NC, at 6:00PM. The family had reserved a block of rooms at a hotel nearby, so we decided to stay in Cary rather than drive back that night.

We got to Cary around noon and had lunch at a deli (expensive) and then went over to the hotel to meet CDF’s parents. Vasco, Stephanie, and Abigail were there too, and by the time we found the rooms were still being cleaned, MDF was getting ready to get in the pool with Abigail. So we all got changed and went swimming for a while (it was around 2PM). We had brought arm floats (Little Swimmers I think they’re called) for MDF, and she did a great job swimming around with them. CEF had a baby ring with a seat, and she floated around, CDF and I took turns watching her so she wouldn’t dive over the edge while trying to splash in the water.

We had a little trouble finding the place, mainly because of second guessing the directions, but we were there in time. The house was an old two-storey mansion in the middle of downtown Cary. The ceremony was held in the side garden. The aisle to the front where the couple would stand was lined with rose petals. Sometime when we were settled in a seat and before the wedding started, the flower girl, Amelia, and her mother came over and said that she would like to play with MDF after the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony was short and sweet. The highlights for me were that they used pink and blue colored sand instead of the unity candles, and Jenny and Mike came back after the ceremony ended to dismiss each row — instead of having a greeting line.

While the pictures were being taken, wine hors d’oeuvres were served. I had a glass of Chardonnay (which was good), and there were crab cakes and spring rolls. CEF grabbed one of my crab cakes and took a bite out of it, but I couldn’t tell if she liked it. The girls got a number of complements from the servers and guests.

During the reception, after the meal, they had dancing, and I got up to dance with MDF. After that Abigail and Amelia joined MDF (while I sat down) and they danced together for a long time and got a lot of peoples attention with their antics: twirling, “break dancing,” etc. CDF and I dance during two songs as well.

We left after the cake was cut and the toasts were made; by then it was around 9:30 and we were getting tired. It was nice to be able to drive 5 minutes back up the road to our room and we were looking forward to some sleep… unfortunately CEF woke up an hour later with an ear ache. CDF and I stayed up with her for a while until she was finally comfortable enough to go to sleep.