July Fourth Celebration

Yesterday we celebrated the Fourth of July by going to a festival at North Side Baptist Church on North College Road. It was quite busy, but we went because they were advertising that they had 7 bouncy play sets (or whatever they are called).

MDF bounced in a couple to start with, then she wanted to try one with an obstacle course. There were two, but one was overrun with big kids, while the other one had a long line waiting. Still we decided to wait in line. As we waited and watched, I decided we had made a good choice, as it looked fun.

But when we were the next to go, MDF started hopping around and I realized she had to go to the bathroom. I asked if she could wait until after we went on the bouncy obstacle course, but she couldn’t. So we got out of line and went to the bathrooms. When she was done she wanted to get back in line, but we knew that we’d have to start at the back again — and we didn’t go to just stand in lines the whole time.