In Charlotte

This week CDF, MDF and I went to charlotte for the Summer IIPS Conference. It took us about 5 hours to get there, going down I-40 to I-85 and then into Charlotte. We stopped once, or twice each way to take a break and have lunch, so it was about 2.5 hours of driving straight. MDF did really well, she didn’t fuss or cry much, and was a really good girl the whole trip.

One amusing story about MDF was, while we were driving she would ask what does this say or what does that say, and every once in a while I’d ask, “What does MDF say?”

The first few times she’d say, “Yo,” and that became the joke about what MDF said. But then I asked it again and she said she didn’t know. So I said, “Yo?”

“MDF all done ‘Yo’ing!” was her reply.

We stayed at the Mariot Executive Park, where the conference was being held, and I was slightly disappointed with it. We didn’t have a fridge, microwave, or VCR like the web site said, and the internet connection cost $10 a day anyway you tried (i.e. I thought wireless was free, but an outside company charged for it).

Monday morning we went to the Discovery Place in uptown Charlotte. We were a little dissappointed in that too. First we had to wait outside for half an hour because their opening time had changed. Then we found out it was $1.00 more expensive per person than advertised, plus you had to play $5.00 for parking. The museum exibits were nice, but not completely worth the overall price and hassle.

We used the pool at the hotel. MDF loved it. Strangley enough we were cold in spite of the 100-degree temperatures, but we were in the indoor pool that didn’t get the direct sun.

The conference itself was interesting. The most useful information (to me) was presented on the first and last days. It looks like the coming months are going to be filled with interesting upgrades on the Admin Systems.