This past Sunday CDF, MDF, and I went to Wrightsville beach. It was the first time I’ve been to the beach this year. We also called Dom and Amber and invited them along and they decided to meet us there at the beach.

MDF loves the water and especially likes CDF or I to hold on to her and help her jump the waves. I didn’t do too great a job, and let a couple of waves break over MDF’s head. Fortunately she didn’t seem to mind too much.

She also liked getting handfuls of sand and running down to the water to throw in the surf. She did this one time and got knocked over by a small wave. I was just coming up behind her and yanked her up before she swallowed any water. Still this didn’t faze her either.

After playing and swimming for a while we went down to the Dairy Queen on Oleander Drive and got ice cream. CDF got a peanut butter crunch Blizzard®, I got a dipped cone, Dom got a multi-chocolate delight (I don’t remember it’s name), and Amber got a Buster Bar. MDF shared some with both CDF and me.