Around the House

Happy New Year

There is an old saying that says something along the lines of whatever you do today, you’ll end up doing for the rest of the year. That and eating a lot of beans (or was it peas) of a certain variety will guarantee lots of money. But regardless of the veracity of those claims, today I spent with CDF and the girls, which makes it a good day by any measure.

I had yesterday and today off as the College was closed. Since the girls have been sick, we decided to keep it low key and stay around the house. Today we went out for a walk around the neighborhood. MD rode her bike, CE sat in the wagon and was pulled along by CDF, and I held the dog’s leash. We went down by the hospital and then came back.

This afternoon, after naps, MD, CE and I watched the beginning of Willow. They each sat in a child sized seat on either side of me. CE was engrossed in the movie almost as much as MD.

Later on we went outside to play and ended up going into the “woods” behind our house and walked through it to the “witches garden” beside Huntington. The girls were a bit squeamish about the prickly pine needles and blackberry briers, but they enjoyed the walk nonetheless.

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