Dire Portents

Yesterday evening we went for a short walk, at about 8pm. We were back home and I was working on packing for a business trip when CDF started having pains in the front, left side of her abdomen. She managed to hobble to the bed and when I got there she appeared to be having bad cramps. After a minute or two the pain started to go away.

Then it got worse.

Maybe five minutes or so after she lay down, she sat up. A minute later the cramps returned, and were much more severe. I started getting a little worried… this looked exactly like I imagined labor contractions, but I was sure 29 weeks is to early for that.

Eventually the cramp subsided and I sat down to see if any of her books said something about false labor. Fortunately it did… a whole section. What CDF was experiencing match the symptoms: they occur most often in the evenings and after physical exercise. The contractions (which is what they were) occur at irregular intervals and strong contractions are usually followed by by weak ones.

Fortunately, CDF only had two strong contractions, the rest were weaker. I think the whole episode lasted between 30 and 45 minutes. Today she’s going to the doctor so they can check and make sure everything is still okay (at least they called back this morning, never heard back from them last night :-/ ).

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