“Good Girl”

Last night MDF taught CEF some new words. We were playing on the couch and I was holding a stuffed dog and making barking noises. CEF couldn’t tell if it was a real dog barking or not and was looking around saying, “Dixie.” So I whistled for Dixie to come join us (she was sleeping in the bedroom).

When Dixie got to the living room, I petted her and told her she was a good dog. CEF slid off the couch to pet too, and MDF joined in saying, “Good girl.” CEF looked at her for a moment and then patted Dixie and said “Gaa Gaa.” MDF started laughing and CEF just grinned.

A few minutes later we went back to the bedroom to show CDF. MDF did it first and then CEF took out her pacifier, leaned over to pat Dixie, and said “Gaa Gaa.” She would have kept on doing it for a while if we hadn’t pulled her away to go read bedtime devotions.

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