Hanging out on the Beach

This was our first real day on vacation. Yesterday we had gone out on the beach a little and walked around the resort some, but hadn’t done much of anything.

After spending some more time in the morning on the beach (I think it was MDF’s idea), we took our bikes out to ride around. We headed north on Hwy 12 — which has become nothing more than a side road since Hwy 58 took over, but that was good for us. We actually went out to the main highway to try to cross over to the Wright Brother’s memorial, but traffic was constant, and our bikes wouldn’t trip the traffic light for us to cross. We waited for a while to see if a car would come along that wanted to turn, but nothing did. So instead we turned around and rode back to the resort.

Yesterday we had promised to take MDF swimming in the inside pool, so when we got back to the beach house, we got our stuff ready and went across the street to the office/pool. In spite of being inside, the pool was still cold. Too cold for me to get in past my hips, but CDF and MDF managed to get in nearly all the way. MDF had a good time regardless of the temperature, and probably would have stayed longer, but we took her out because she was starting to shiver.