Best and Worst of the Day

Right before bedtime prayers, CDF and MDF usually talk about their favorite and least favorite things that day. Sometimes MDF will ask me too. Last night she told me that the worst part of the day was when “Mama mowed my cattail.” She had a sad look on her face, but I had to try hard not to laugh.

MDF likes to pick the cattail seed heads that grow in the ditch on the north side of our driveway (actually they are closer to Huntingtons where the ditch gets lots of water and sun). This year there have been very few, mainly from the mowing and weed-killer that the city has used to keep the ditches clear. So a week or so ago I picked the last stalk for her, she played with it a while but then left it on the front sidewalk.

So when CDF was mowing the front yard yesterday evening she didn’t see the catttail in time until a plume of seeds started spraying out from under the mower. Then she looked over and saw MDF crying. They did go to see if there were any more growing in the ditch, but there was not.

I told MDF that we’d ride the bike this weekend and see if we could find any more cattails.