Another False Alarm

On Tuesday, around 1pm, CDF called me saying she was having contractions again and asked if I could come home. I hadn’t taken lunch yet so I set off. She had called the doctor, but it would take them an hour or so to get back with her.

She was in bed and there wasn’t much we could do until the doctor called, so we sat around and timed her contractions (well I ate lunch too). The contractions were averaging around 15 minutes apart (11 if you count possible small ones). According to the notes and books we had, it was either false labor, or very early labor (which normally lasts 6 to 12 hours before contractions start getting serious).

I didn’t think we were going to do anything but let CDF rest, but the doctor said to come on in and they would give her a check up to make sure everything was okay. Again everything was, and the doctor noted that she might have a cold, which would be making her feel worse anyway.

Oh, well… the baby will be coming along soon enough.

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