Has the Countdown Started?

It has been an exciting (using the word loosely) week. Starting off with Sunday, CDF was having more false labor. At least *I* thought it was false labor, and I went on to church, leaving CDF with Caroline Ford (a neighbor from across the street). Well while they were at home, CDFs contractions started occuring only 9 or so minuites apart (I found out later that’s a warning sign for preterm labor). So on the advice of Duan Ford, who is a police officer and aparently has some training in this area, they called the doctor who told them to head for the hospital.

So I got a call just before my Dad was getting ready to give the morning sermon/talk (he was filling in for Pastor John). I took off at high speed, and headed for home. I had told Caroline that I would meet them at the hospital, but changed my mind on the way when I thought it would be better to swing by home and make sure I got the overnite bag (just in case). Well I was very speedy and met them as they turned the first corner on White Rd. So CDF switched cars and we sped off for the hospital.

By this time CDF’s contractions had slacked off, so the trip wasn’t too stressful. She was able to walk without any difficulty into the hospital and up to the third floor.

When we were shown into a room (the emergency pregnancy room), the nurse hooked her up to a monitor that watched contractions and the baby’s heartbeat. Everything looked fine. After the physical exam, we were told that the cervix was closed and they were pretty sure she wasn’t going to give birth anytime soon, but they’d monitor her for the next hour since she was dehydrated slightly (which could be causing the contractions). A few small contractions were showing up on the monitor, but in general everything looked fine.

After we had been in the room for a while, my Dad and Sam showed up. Someone at church had told them where we had gone. We talked for a while (his sermon/talk had gone well). On a funny side note, my Dad announced that just recently he had started talking more (he’s about as quiet a person as I am).

Later on we also got a visit from Jimmy and Michelle Dillon and Charles Reynolds (all from church). They stayed to chat for a few minutes and then left after a prayer.

After an hour and a half or so, the nurse said that CDF was no longer dehydrated and we would be going home soon. So even though it was very anticlimatic, in a way we got a practice run to prepare us for the real thing.

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