A Long Weekend

This past weekend I took off Friday and had a holiday Monday (MLK) so ended up with a four-day weekend. Originally we had “big” plans to go to a park with the girls, or have some other outing. But that changed when CE got strep-related tonsillitis on Wednesday.

So with the baby sick, we decided it was best to keep our plans low-key. Then Thursday afternoon she had a fever and broke out with a rash. The doctor said it was probably a reaction to the antibiotics and to not give her anymore. Also we had an appointment Friday morning at 8:30 AM.

That night CE slept fitfully and would wake up every hour or so. Giving her Tylenol like the doctor directed didn’t help much. Also it must have disturbed MD, because whenever I would just be getting back to sleep after soothing CE, I’d feel a tapping on my shoulder and it was the other daughter wanting water, or her CD player turned on, or something.

Finally by Sunday CE was on her new antibiotics and was feeling, and sleeping, better. We were able to rest Sunday afternoon and she was up to playing with her aunts G and H when they came over for a visit.

Monday we were back to the regular routine. We were talking about what to do when MD got invited over to Mackenzie’s house to play for the day. So CE had us to herself and MD had a great time playing with a friend she hadn’t visited for a while. At home CE helped me bake oatmeal raisin cookies (mostly by being the batter taster) and spent time playing and reading with CDF.

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