Three Weeks as a Family of Four

CEF is almost three weeks old! It was about this time on Friday that I was heading to the hospital to meet CDF, but she wouldn’t get into a room and get settled until about 5:00 PM.

Sleeping in the Hospital

It’s been a different experience with CEF. There are a lot of things that came back quickly in regards to taking care of a baby, but there is so much that is different between the two girls. To start with MDF was breast-fed and refused to take a bottle or a pacifier. CEF cannot figure out how to nurse and so only drinks from a bottle, and now we’ve given her a pacifier to help calm her after she has had plenty to eat but still wants something to suck on.

But it’s still a joy to have her. MDF is doing really well as a big sister — even though she has been getting into trouble more in the past couple of weeks (seeking our attention?). She talks to CEF and CEF often appears to be paying attention when MDF talks. I am looking forward to the day when they can really interact and play together.