My Wife’s Thoughts on our Daughter

This weekend CDF wrote an email to update our friends about the goings-on with MD and the rest of us. I wanted to include a copy of it here just to have her perspective.

She is so funny in the way she says things. Such as one of her favorite things is to say “That’s Right”–but she says it almost southern & draws the Right out…so it’s more like “that’s riiiight”.

She also has discovered how to play hide & seek, which she loves. She prefers for you to hide, and she counts to 5 or 10 depending on if you remind her to count to 10 (otherwise it is 5) and then she comes to find you. She especially likes playing this at night time with the lights off & enjoys the scare factor. Though it does scare her quite a bit.

She loves wearing night gowns & pretending she is married or all dressed up for bed.

Yesterday, we had been outside in the backyard for a while. We came in, washed hands & I was in the kitchen getting lunch ready. (The front wooden door was open & the glass door unlocked as was the back door) She came in (the kitchen) in a rush and said “Momma, there are (whisper)
robbers in the living room.” My mind went racing. How are we going to get out of here, how did she get away. So I did what any brave mom would do—I told her to go first & show me! We walked into the living room, stood in front of the TV, where she announced there they were–on the floor. Nothing was there. Sigh of relief. Well she kept on talking about it. The robbers. I knew nap was coming up & if it didn’t keep her awake, it would me! We are now at the table, and she is still talking about these robbers…she even makes up a song about them. “They met a man on the road, stole his money, hit him with a stick, and Jesus saved
him”. Where is she getting this from???? We have read the Good Samaritan to her a few nights ago as devotion & then the book we have of it. She was re-telling me the story! I had to laugh.

She has also told me when I grow a baby in my tummy, I can rock on her “Blue Dixie” rocking horse; since I am too big to do it now.

One day when we were leaving the grocery store, she announced that when she was a little girl, she shopped in that store. But she is a big girl now. We’ve only been shopping in that store since April!

She has become very independent. Likes to do things herself, crawling in the van alone, in her car seat & booster seat alone, down from her seats alone. Even washing dishes! Her dishes, not the family’s. Taking off her jackets & her shoes,now that they are Velcro.

She is full of energy & talks most of the time. She pretends she is various animals: bears, sharks, rabbits, deer, etc.

The rest of us are doing well. I am always hungry!!! It seems as though I can’t get enough to eat. [My husband] is doing good. He’s had some irritations at work–he worked on MLK day only to have the entire thing go haywire on him & the upgrade not work. The company that he deals with told him to check on some patches to make sure there are none missing—they have no clue what they are telling him to do. No patches were missing & no one seems to know how to make the upgrade work. Don’t worry if this makes no sense to you—it takes him a long time to explain even the simplest thing about work to me.